Auction Services


Our knowledgeable staff will make an evaluation of your equipment inventory that is to be marketed. Equipment will be arranged in a manner that is easily accessible to all customers.

  • We handle all aspects of the sale from start to finish.
  • We give a detailed accounting of every item with full accounting to the seller within two one-half (2 1/2) hours after the last item is sold.
  • We have a mailing list of 10,000 prospective customers that has been compiled since 1977.


WOW!! Where do I begin? When we are doing cattle auctions, you have to look hard to see our ears because we are grinning so much it looks like we have swallowed them!

The cattle are grouped and sold according to size, breed, age and color and offered for sale which gives high bidder opportunity to buy one or entire group standing in ring. This will fit everyone’s size. They are tagged with a unique sale lot tag that is easily visible to the customer. All cattle are treated for internal and external parasites. Dr. Sam Galphin, DVM from Raleigh, NC does most of the pregnancy check work and is good at it, most of the time predicting within a 2 week time frame when the calf or calves will arrive

  • Sales can be held at farm location or at sales arena located close by.
  • Sale order is available prior to sale to give valuable information to buyer.
  • When customers purchase cattle from our sales, they know they can take home cattle ready to go to work for them.
  • Seller has an opportunity to have access to over 5000 potential cattle buyers that are on our personally compiled mailing list that’s been growing since 1977.


We have three (3) licensed Real Estate brokers (three in North Carolina and one in Virginia) to assist with your real estate needs. Our advertising program covers the market that is available for the property such as color descriptive brochures, aerial photography, survey plat and information that will enhance the property. It was once said that if you want a monopoly on something, buy a piece of real estate.

For our Buyers:

When you come to our sales, you will find a staff that is willing to assist you in any way that will make you feel you are right at home and your business is appreciated.

For our Sellers:

We are here to help you obtain the highest market value available. We treat every sale like we were in the seller’s shoes. You get a professional job every time.

At all of our auctions…

  • The auction staff consists of five (5) licensed auctioneers that are experienced in all areas and have hands-on experience to be able to work with items they are selling.
  • Very friendly, knowledgeable, experienced office personnel that treat all customers in a manner that makes them feel at ease.
  • Equipment available to help set up sales includes:
    • Cat 920, rubber tire loader
    • Cat IT 28 & 290 rubber tire loaders
    • John Deere 3420 Tele-Handler
    • Cat 287 track skid steer
    • Cat 262 rubber tire skid steer
    • John Deere 4020 w/loader
  • This equipment is used to arranged the order of the sale and to load out equipment for the purchasers on sale day. We can arrange transportation on most any item.
  • Award winning brochures with detailed information and photos on equipment to be sold are mailed out to customers on our personally compiled mailing list that is updated regularly with request from potential customers.
  • All auctions are listed on our webpage with even more photos than the brochures, and you can add items to your web listing even after the brochures have been printed and mailed.
  • We have a daily updated list of customers that are looking for a particular item to purchase or sell.

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