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SATURDAY 12th FEBRUARY – 2022 – 10:00 AM



Directions: Being on Hwy. 29 south of Chatham, VA, in Tight Squeeze Community, take Tight Squeeze Rd. west .8 miles, Tight Squeeze Rd. turns into Irish Rd., go approx. 10 miles, sale site on left.  Watch for auction signs.


Sale Site Address:  5809 Irish Rd. – Chatham, VA   24531



John Deer 6155M, 4x4, SN-L06155MKGG857189, powered by 155 hp 6-cyl. diesel, 20-speed power shift transmission w/left hand forward/reverse, differential lock, 540 & 1000 shift-on-the-go pto, (3) sets dual remote hydraulic outlets, cab, 16.9R28 front tires, 480/80/R42  rear tires, 916 hrs. buddy seat, very good condition.

John Deere 6150M, 4x4, SN-1LO6150MAFG137715, powered by 150 hp 6-cyl. diesel, 20-speed power shift transmission, left hand shift, differential lock, 540 & 1000 shift-on-the-go pto, (3) sets dual remote hydraulic outlets, cab, 420/85R28 front tires, 480/80R42 rear tires, 2230 hrs., buddy seat, very good.

John Deere 6130M, 4x4,  SN1L6130MGHH869633, powered by 130 hp 4-cyl. diesel, 16-speed powershift w/left hand shift forward/reverse, differential lock, 540 & 1000 shift-on-the-go pto, (3) sets dual remote hydraulic outlets, cab, 340/85R28 front tires, 460/85R38 rear tires, 1320 hrs., buddy seat, very good.

John Deere 7510, 4x4, RW7510R078576, powered by 135 hp 6-cyl. diesel, 16-speed power shift transmission w/left hand forward/reverse, differential lock, (3) sets dual remote hydraulic outlets, cab, 380/85R28 front tires, 480/80R38 rear tires, buddy seat, 8722 hrs., sells w/JD 741 self-leveling loader.

John Deere 5055E, 4x4, SN-PY30-29H046154, powered by 55 hp 4-cyl. diesel, 12-speed w/3-speed hi/lo, left hand forward/reverse, differential lock, 540 shift-on-the-go pto, dual remote hydraulic outlets, 2-post roll guard w/ canopy, 9.5R24 front tires, 14.9-29 rear tires, 1864 hrs., like new.

Kubota M5660S, 4x4, SN-KUMFADRT8054853, powered by hp 4-cyl. diesel, 8-speed w/4-speed hi/l0, differential lock, 540 shift-on-the-go pto, (2) sets dual remote hydraulic outlets, 2-post roll guard w/canopy, 280/85-R20 front tires, 14.9-28 rear tires, 500.6 hrs., like new.

Case IH 685, 4x4, SN-R510226BO25891, powered by 73 hp 4-cyl. diesel, 8-speed w/hi-lo, differential lock, 540 & 1000 shift-on-the-go pto, dual remote hydraulic outlets, 9.52-4 front tires, 16.9-30 rear tires, 2717 hrs., sells w/Bush Hog 2400QT front loader.

Massey Ferguson 4355, SN-AREC12JHXA, powered by 94 hp 4-cyl. diesel, 9-speed w/3-speed (2) hi/lo differential lock, 540 & 1000 shift-on-the-go pto, (3) sets dual remote hydraulic outlets, 2-post roll guard w/canopy, 11L-15 front tires, 18.4-30 rear tires, unknown hrs.

Massey Ferguson 383, SN-5266F04501, powered by 89 hp 4-cyl. diesel, 4-speed w/hi/lo, differential lock, 1000 shift-on-the-go pto, (2) sets dual remote hydraulic outlets, 2-post roll guard w/canopy, 7;50-16 front tires, 15.5R38 rear tires, 4134 hrs., running condition.

IH 686, SN-2450174U010678, powered by 73 hp, 6-cyl. diesel, 4-speed w/hi-lo, differential lock, 540   shift-on-the-go pto, (2) sets dual remote hydraulic outlets, 2-post roll guard w/canopy, 750-16 front tires, 16.9-38 rear tires, 6574 hrs., in running condition.

David Brown Select-O-Matic 990, SN-990/A825538, 4-cyl. diesel, 3-speed w/hi/lo, differential lock, set dual remote hydraulic outlets, 7.50-16 front tires, 16.9-30 rear tires, no telling hrs., good rubber, runs & drives, no working hydraulics.

John Deere 9510 Maximizer, 6-cyl. diesel, Hydro 6-speed, 30.5-32 tires, 14.9-24 tires, S-HO9510X675992, radio, heat/air, buddy seat, 2893 fan hrs., 3905 machine hrs., well maintained, field ready, shed kept.

John Deere 920F grain head, SN-H00920F637234, very nice.

John Deere 643, 6-row corn head, 30” spacing, shed kept.

EZ Trail head wagon cart, pin hitch, 20.5x8.0-10 tires.

Clark Mdl. C500-Y55, 3-stage forklift, SN-Y3555863616, 4-cyl. propane gas, 557 hrs.



1987 Chevrolet Custom Deluxe, Detroit 8-cyl. diesel, 5-speed w/2-speed rear axle, cab light, PS, power brakes, west coast mirrors, 11R22.5 Spokes front & rear- dual, 2-ton dump, 16’ steel grain sides, 4’ tall sides, 1’ tall rock sides, runs good, 023,711 miles, VN-1GBL7DIG3HV115979.

1987 IH S1900, 466 Detroit 6-cyl. diesel, 5-speed w/2-speed rear end, cab lights, west coast mirrors, 10:00R20 Spokes, 70 gal. fuel tank, 16’ dump bed w/4’ grain sides, single axle, 122,939 miles, VIN-1HTLCVUXP6HHA12769.

1968 Chevrolet 50, 6-cyl. gas, 4-speed w/2-speed rear axle, cab lights, power brakes, west coast mirrors, 8.25-20 Budds, 14’ dump w/4’ grain sides, been sitting a while.

1975 GMC, 8-cyl. gas, 4-speed w/2-speed, PS, power brakes, 8.25-20 Budds, 14’ steel flatbed, been sitting a while.

1998 Ford F450 dually, Triton V10 gas, 5-speed manual transmission, cab lights, power brakes, 225-70R19.5 Budds, 9’ steel flatbed, 143,219 miles, runs good.

2001 Dodge 1500, 4x4, 8-cyl. gas, automatic transmission, 265/75R16 Budds, 237,075 miles, runs good

1999 Ford F250, 4x4, Triton 8-cyl. gas, automatic, power brakes, Buds, 162,874 miles, runs good.

2001 Dodge 3500 Maxi Van, 15-passenger van, gas, automatic, 245.75-16 Budds., 121,467 miles, nice, clean, runs good.

1999 Ford F250 passenger van, 8-cyl gas, automatic, 245/75R16 tires, might run.

1989 Ford Club Wagon, 15-passenger van, 8-cyl. gas automatic, 235-85R16 tires, 68,507 miles, runs.

1998 Hurst 20’ x 3’ w/4’ beavertail w/ramps gooseneck trailer, tandem axle, 759-16 tires, gooseneck hitch, good condition.

1996 Corn-Pro 25’ x 8’ trailer, dual tandem axle, 4’ steel mesh sides, pintle hitch, 950-16.5 tires, good condition.

1993 Strick 48’ x 8” semi-van, 5th wheel, 11R22.5 tires, tandem axle, good condition.

Mayliner aluminum mobile loading ramp, 36’ long, 50” wide, single hydro axle.   Monte used to load van trailers.



(4) Taylor 8-box 1-room, gas, single phase, 7.5 hp, Cureco controls—Midco Burners, wood floors.

(8) Cure Master, all metal barns, Long 10-box, each has radiator, 8’ x 18” tall water heat, stainless steel, single phase, 10 hp, Cureco controls—hot water heat, these (8) are heated by one hot water heater.

(2) Long 8-box all metal barns, single room, gas, single phase, 7.5 hp, with wood floors, Cureco controls.

(4) Cure Master, 10-box barns, each has radiator stainless steel, 8’ x 18” tall water heat, single phase, 10 hp, no floors, each has Ray Pak water heater.

(2) Powell, 150-rack barn, 4-door, 2-room, 3-tier gas, single phase, 5 hp, (1) has Wayne burner, (1) has Midco burner, Cureco controls.

Powell Maximiser, 150 rack, 4-door, 2 room, 3-tier gas, single phase, 5 hp, Wayne burner.

Ruscio Brothers LTD, Mdl. N2800E-02, 2.8 million BTU propane gas, 2-stage hot water heater, used to heat 8 tobacco barns.

Rainbow irrigation system powered by JD 6-8L 6-cyl. diesel motor w/Berkley Mdl. B4EYQBH pump, 6” intake, 4” out/ w/timer switch, 150 gal. fuel tank, 1059 hrs., on trailer, 15” tires, pin hitch.    

Case irrigation pump, 5.9L 6-cyl. engine w/Berkley Mdl. B4EYQBH pump, 6” intake, 4” out, 150 gal. fuel tank, 3776 hrs., on trailer, 15” tires, pin hitch.

(2) Camdan 37005 irrigation reels, 1200’ 3.75” hose, w/Komet 160 Pro gun w/caddy, SN-007101137005C3, 006101137005C3, shed kept.

Irrifrance TS-90-reel w/900’ 3” hose, w/Nelson 150 gun on caddy.

Irrifrance TX-90 reel (no hose).

(3) Nelson 150 guns on caddy.

(15) Nelson 100 guns on tripod 6” pipes.

(17) Rainbird 70 sprinklers.

Approx. 2600’ Wade Rain, 6” pipe, 30’ sections.

Approx. 2100’, Akron 6” pipe, 20’ sections, twist lock.

Approx. 1200’ Rainway 6” pipe, 30 & 20’ sections, ring lock.

Approx. 2500’ Ames 5’ pipe,20’ sections.

Approx. 1200’ Mainline 5” pipe, 20’ sections, hook latch.

Approx. 3500’ Ames 4” pipe, 20’ sections.

Approx. 2400’ Ames 3” pipe, 20’ sections.

(35) Pieces of assorted pipe.

4,5 &6” flex hoses w/gun connectors.

Shut off valves, elbows, 45-90 BT’s, pipe fittings, gun stands.

Norwesco 1100 gal. black poly tank.

325 gal. pol y tank

Pipe trailers – all shop made, angle iron steel, well built, single axle, V truss, 20, 18, 10, 9’ long, pin hitch.

4-wheel pipe wagon, V truss, 15” tires.

Granville tobacco baler w/Transcell Mdl. TI-500E scales, hi-capacity, hooked to 10 hp single phase electric motor.

Granville Leaf 3’ wide conveyor w/15” sides, doubled belted, 7 ½ ‘ incline, 12’ flat, overall length 32’ long, w/single phase 2 hp motor.

10’ x 3’ steel roller conveyor.

(2) Granville 23’ x 6’ hydraulic driven belt trailers, tandem axle, 32” sides, pin hitch, 11L-15 tires, rear hydraulic lift, good condition.

(14) 4.4 x16 all steel mesh tobacco trailers, single axle, 24” sides, 14.5 tires, some have wood floors, pin hitch, good condition.

(12) Taylor 9.4 x6 steel tobacco box wagons, tandem axle, 20x5x8x10 tires, pin hitch, fair condition.

14’ x 8’ racking table trailer, single axle, no sides, (8) tires, pin hitch.

Bale pinch lift.

Box barn rail extensions.

Forklift bale squeeze.

(2) Powell racking tables.

(4) NorthStar pressure washers/barn foggers.

Pentair 1 hp, 110-volt transfer pump

Reddick 3 barn fogger.

Holland Mdl. 6000, 4-row carousal transplanter, with tall Holland hoppers, 3-pt.

(4) Holland 6000 mechanical transplanters.

Bush Hog 4-row disc bedder shaper with (4) shanks, hydraulic fold row markers, depth wheels, 3-pt.

4-row bed shaper, 3-pt.

19’single axle plant tray, all steel, 5-tiers tall, 14.5” tires, pin hitch.

Worksaver bale hydra-squeezer front loader mount.

Powell double racking table wagon on 7.50-14 tires, 3-pt. and pin hitch.

CM 2-ton chain hoist.



John Deere 630 18’ 48-blade hydraulic fold disc, 9” spacing, tandem wheels, trailer-type, field ready.

Case IH 475 19’ 48-blade hydraulic fold disc, 9.5” spacing, tandem wheels, drag bar, trailer-type, new bearings, new blades, new shoes in 2021.

Agco Glencoe 0D650 10 ½’ 24-blade offset double disc, 10 ½” spacing, tandem wheels, trailer-type, nice.

Ford 12’ 32-blade disc, 9” spacing, single hydraulic wheel lift, w/ drag bar, trailer-type.

King EZH7 12’ 32-blade disc, 9” spacing, hydraulic wheel lift, trailer-type.

Athens 127 8’ 20-blade offset disc, 10.5” spacing, hydraulic wheel lift, trailer-type, nice.

Multi Purpose 6-1M 6’ 16-blade disc, 9” spacing, 3-pt.

International 122, 5’ 16-blade, 7 ½” spacing, 3-pt.

Athens 137 12 ½’ 32-blade offset, 10” spacing front, 9.5” rear, tandem wheels, rock flex, trailer-type, new in 2020.

Perfecta 14’ Danish tine cultivator w/ rolling baskets, 3-pt.

Unverferth 5th row field cultivator, 12 Danish tine shanks, w/2 rolling baskets and drag bars, 3-pt.

13’ spring-shank cultivator w/ drag bar, 3-pt.

4-row middle buster w/ 85 gal. poly tank, 3-pt.

2-row middle buster, 9 spring-shanks cultivator, 3-pt.

Lilliston 4-row rolling cultivator w/ ground or hydraulic drive fertilizer applicators, poly hoppers, depth wheels, 3-pt.

2-row middle buster, 9 spring shank cultivator, 3-pt.

2-row rolling cultivator w/ poly fertilizer applicator, 3-pt.

KMC 4-row bed row shaper w/ spinning cultivators, press wheels, middle bulk buster shanks, w/ spray applicators, 3-pt.

Ferguson 7’ til-o-vator, w/ bed shapers, 3-pt., pto.

Ferguson 7’ til-o-vator, 3-pt., pto.

IH Mdl. 78 front mount cultivator (last on IH 686).

Unverferth 16’ 30 Danish shank, w/ drag bar and rolling baskets, depth wheels, 3-pt.

Unverferth hydraulic fold, 20’ 39 Danish tine, w/ drag bar and rolling baskets, depth wheels, 3-pt.

15 spring-shank 11’ tiller, w/ drag bar, 3-pt.

Long 3x16 bottom plow, 3-pt.

Massey 345 3-bottom plow, 3-pt.

IH 55 11-shank chisel plow, 3-pt.

King 1118 11-shank chisel plow, 3-pt.

Case 2500 3-shank ripper mounted on 11’ bar, 3-pt.

Harrell 8204 4-bottom swing plow, 3-pt.

John Deere 1590 no-till grain drill, 24 double disc, set on 7 ½” spacing, shed kept (in 2018 new coulters, bearings, etc.)

Case 5300 grain drill, 20 double disc, set on 7” spacing, hydraulic raise & lower, shed kept.

Lilliston 4-row rolling cultivator, w/ fertilizer applicators, hydraulic drive, w/ 4 KMC hoppers, 3-pt.



Fertilizer distributor set on 46”, 4-row, w/ rear drawbar for middle buster, tall Holland hoppers, 3-pt.

1000 gal. poly nurse tank on Hardee trailer, tandem axle, Pacer transfer pump w/ 6 hp gas motor, 11L-15 tires, pin hitch.

300 gal. ploy tank.

Hardee Mdl. 110, 8-row sprayer, 100 gal. poly tank, folding 6’ booms, 3-pt.

Reddick sprayer, poly tank, no booms, 3-pt.

200 gal. poly front mount tank.

150 gal. poly front mount tank.

110 gal. poly front mount tank.

Snyder 110 gal. poly tank.

500 gal. poly tank trailer sprayer, 2 axle, 11.L-15 tires, hydraulic fold 16’ booms, pin hitch.

Coastal 300 gal. 44’ hydraulic folding boom sprayer, w/ GPS and auto shutoff, double plumbed for continuous field or 8-row sprayer, 3-pt. hitch.

Several spray booms.



DeCloet 250’ x 35’ greenhouse, w/ (2) Modine gas heaters, (2) Hired Hand Super Saver heaters, Hired Hand automatic curtain controller, (6)  air moving fans.

DeCloet tray dirt box and seeding tray table.

(2800)  steam cleaned 288 cell plant seed trays.

Duck bill tray cart.

Greenhouse snapper, greenhouse mower.



John Deere HX15 batwing rotary cutter, (6) rear wheels w/single flex 24x8-14 20PR tires.

Hardee 7’ rotary mower, 3-pt.

Mohawk 6’ rotary mower, 3-pt.

Woods 6’ rotary mower, 3-pt.

Taylor Way 7’ box blade, 3-pt.

New Holland 310 square baler, shed kept. o

New Holland Mdl. 14 hay wagon, 8’ x16’, pin hitch.

(2) Chicago Eastern 3200 bu. grain bins w/drying fan.

7’ double roller culti-packer.

Katolight KW 40-45 3-phase,  continuous stand by Power Generator, 120/208 volts powered by 6 cylinder White diesel engine with 436 hours, with 150 gallon fuel tank. 

2-section spike drag harrow.    






(2) Cole hoppers for IH 140, cultivator parts, front weight bracket.

Saddle tank brackets for IH 686.

Foam marker pump.

Several step-in 3’ fence posts.

Several rolling cultivators.

(4) Tobacco hand planters.

Car ramps.

(5) Cow stanchions.

ESCO 650 stainless milk tank, w/ Ranco compressor/cooler.

(2) trailer movers, 3-pt.

Massey front weight bracket, w/ grill guard.

(2) Speedo Cat II quick hitches.

Middle potato plow, 3-pt.

JD loader forks for 6420 loader, quick hitch.

JD loader hitch w/ box mover boom.

JD front grill guard (off a 7510)

5” pto drive 50’ grain auger, 15” tires.

5th wheel dolly cart, 9 x 20 tires, pin hitch.

Military trailer wagon 9’ x 6’, pintle hitch, no wheels.

15’ x 30’ I-beam trolley system, 6” I-beams

Raypak hot water heater.

Loader fork, man safety cage.

Cattle self-catching head gate section, 6x6 post.

Multi-lift hay spear loader bracket.

Fiber 150 gal. Livestock water tank.

IH front weights.

Toto Wheel Horse riding mower, 16 hp, 42” cut.

Baltic ground drive seeder/spreader.

(2) Yard trailers.

Whitco Mdl. 4200 steam hot pressure washer, 220-volt, 30 amp, single phase.

Truck tool boxes.

Win Power Mdl. 80-50 pto drive generator.

Vicon spreader, 3-pt.

Delta L-shaped 105 gal. fuel tank w/12-volt pump.

Rigid air compressor w/Honda gas motor.

Rigid multi-speed drill press.

Steel welding table w/vise.

Hand tools, shovels, hoes, etc.

Old hardware store nut/bolt carousel wood case, 42-drawers.

Rigid chop saw/ grinder.

Ryobi chop saw.

Various DMI points & other plow points, parts., etc.

MF 4235 wheel spacers.

(2) Cat power generators.

Electric motors, 5hp & 10 hp.

Electric chain hoist.

John Deere 480R42 duals, last on JD 6155M.

John Deere hubs, last on JD 6155M.



Auctioneer’s Note:  This will be a complete dispersal of Holley Bros. Inc. farm equipment.  AT 68 years young Monte wants to spend time with family & play more golf   Be Here Sale Day for top of the line, shed kept, field ready equipment.


For more info call Monte 434-548-5888 8:00 am- 12:00 Noon ONLY


Derek Holley will be providing barbecue & soup for lunch.


Auction Manager: Eli Detweiler  336-848-8165





Terms & Conditions
Internet Fees: 3% with $750.00 max per item. Minimum fee of $25.00 per item.

Methods of Payment Accepted: Checks with prior approval, cash or wire transfer. Wire transfer must be received by the auction company within 48 hours of the auction & will be an extra fee of $25.00. Credit Cards are NOT accepted and only used as a verification tool. Please contact the auction company for wire transfer instructions. Sales tax will be collected unless we have on file a completed sales tax exempt form E595E on file.

Currency Type: USD
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Preview Date & Times: Thursday and Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
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