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Directions: Being on I-95 north of Emporia, VA, take Exit 24 (Route 645), turn east, then turn  immediately bear left on 315 (Andrews Rd.), travel 1.8 mile to stop sign, turn right on 642 – Comans Well Rd. travel 5.7 miles, sale on right. 

VA 40 travelers @ I-95 @ Stony Creek, take 40 east for approx 6 miles, @ firetower turn south on Sussex County Courthouse Rd., travle 2 3/4 miles, turn right on Comans Wett Rd., sale 7/10 mile on left.


Sale Site Address:  18518 Comans Well Rd. – Yale, VA

Note:  When driving up to sale site, Milton asked if -U- would drive all the way up to the shop & then turn into sale site.  He ask not to park on grass under pecan trees or drive across grass.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.



John Deere 8345R, SN-LAD013587, powered by 345 hp 6-cyl. diesel, IVT transmission, differential lock, (5) sets dual remote hydraulic outlets, 480/70R34 dual front tires, 620/70R46 dual rear tires, 1270 hrs., rear wheel weights, ILS front active seat.  Note:  this tractor has only pulled a planter.

John Deere 6030, powered by 194 hp 6-cyl. diesel, synchro-range transmission, differential lock, 1000 shift-on-the-go pto, (2) sets dual remote hydraulic outlets, 14L-16.1 SL front tires, 30.5L-32 rear tires, 6275 hrs., engine SN-290283R.

John Deere 4020, SN-195646R, powered by 92 hp 6-cyl. diesel, power shift transmission, differential lock, ps, 540 & 1000 shift-on-the-go pto, (2) sets dual remote hydraulic outlets, 10:00-16 front tires, 18.4-34 rear tires, 555 hrs. showing.

John Deere S780, 4x4 combine, SN-SLJ0802025, 580/85R42 duals, power fold bin extension, leather interior, 1141 engine hrs., 784 separator hrs.

John Deere 630 hydra-flex grain head, used 1 year, SN-1H00630FCNO820025, new cutter bars, never been taken out of box.

Hurst Mdl. CHCF30, contour, 4-wheel steer header cart.

Set of JD rod type row guides extensions for 630 header, replace the long crop dividers – keeps from knocking down the crop when turning.

John Deere R4023 sprayer, SN-RKK0200097, 90’ booms, 38/80R38 tires, 600 gal. poly tank, 3-way nozzle bodies, stainless steel inductor boom, hyd. tread adjust, trek section control, 399 hrs., used 1 season, sells with 4600 display & JD 6000 receiver.

Clark approx. 7000# forklift, LP gas, 5’ forks, 7’ 2-stage mast.

John Deere 310B backhoe, 7’ loader bucket, 15” digging bucket, 3260 hrs.

John Deere 520 tri-cycle front, 2-cyl., ps, SN-5209211.

John Deere 50 tri-cycle, 2-cyl., SN-5008072.

John Deere 60 tri-cycle, 2-cyl., ps, SN-6044613, bought new to Yale, VA.

John Deere 55 combine corn special, not run in several years, been kept in a building.



2007 Freightliner M2, Cat C7 6-cyl. diesel, 10-speed transmission, air brakes, west coast mirrors, 27.5 front & rear tires, 22’ twin cylinder dump body, 5’ grain sides, 328,850 miles.

1979 Chevrolet C60 10-wheel dump truck, 8-cyl. 427 gas, 5-speed w/2-speed, west coast mirrors, 10:00-20 Budds front & rear, Johnie Gregory 18’ body w/5’ grain sides, ?13,690?  miles.

1977 Chevrolet C65 10-wheeler, 8-cyl. 427 gas, 5-speed w/2-speed, west coast mirrors, 10:00-20 Budds front & rear, 20’ steel flatbed, 53,914 miles.

1991 IH 4700 DT 466E diesel, 6-speed transmission, 2-speed rear axle, air brakes, west coast mirrors, 27.5 Budds front, 48.31.00-20 Spokes rear, w/New Leader 11’ mild steel body a/Ag Leader controls, 23” belt, 242,356 miles.

(2) Chevrolet C60 10-wheel dump trucks, (1) 20’ twin cylinder dump, (1) 18’ twin cylinder dump, 1971 & 1972 model.

1992 Chevrolet ,454 gas, automatic, 16” tires, w/1-ton dual rear end, 10’ steel flatbed, 100 gal. fuel tank, w/Miller Bobcat 250 welder/generator, Ingersol Rand air compressor, torch, tool box.

1990 GMC 3500, 454 gas, 4-speed transmission, west coast mirrors, 16” tires, Knapheide service body.

1973 Ford F350 Custom, 6-cyl. gas, 4-speed transmission, west coast mirrors, 16” tires, 12’ steel flatbed, 57,306 miles.

1976 Chevrolet 4x4 pickup, 400 engine, gas, automatic, 16” tires, 63,637 actual miles.

1969 Chevrolet C60, 6-cyl. gas, 5-speed w/2-speed, west coast mirrors, 8.25-20 Budds front & rear, 15’ twin cylinder dump, w/Unverferth hyd. driven seed auger, 68,403 miles, truck set up for seed tender.

Crankhite 8’ x24’ tandem axle flatbed, 19’flat w/5’ dove w/ramps, pintle hitch, 12-16.5 tires,

Bame 8 x 29’ tandem axle flatbed, 16 ½’ flat w/4 ½’ ramp w/5’ ramps, pintle hitch.

Hudson 8 x 18’ triple axel flatbed, 14’ flat w/4’ dove tail w/4’ ramps, 14.5 tires, pin hitch.

Load Trail 7 x20’ tandem axle flatbed, 15” tires, 4’ let down ramp, 2” ball.

Hudson 6 ½’ x 14’ tandem axle flatbed, 14.5 tires, pintle hitch, loading ramps.

6 ½ x 16’ flatbed, tandem axle trailer, 14.5 tires, loading ramps.

6 ½ x 16’ flatbed tandem axle trailer, 14.5 tires, 30” sides, 2” hitch.

6 ½ x 16’ tandem axle flatbed, 14.5 tires, pin hitch.

(23) Long tandem axle peanut trailers, 2 of these are brand new, have been kept in enclosed building.

(3) Long 6-hole dryers, 10 hp, 12’ centers, single phase.

(3 Ferguson 4-row peanut diggers, star type, 1000 pto.

45’ belt conveyor, 10 hp.

Overhead peanut re-cleaner, 10 hp.



King 14,28-blade disc, 7 ½” spacing, w/drag board, 3-pt.

Ford 8’ disc, 3-pt.

8’ field cultivator w/drag board, 3-pt.

IH 4-row Danish tine cultivator, 3-pt.

Unverferth Culti-Planter II caddy cart w/15’ field cultivator, pull type, set up to go in front of grain drill.

John Deere 18’ du-all, hydraulic fold, pull type.

John Deere 970, 15’ culti-packer, pull type.

KMC 23’ field cultivator, hydraulic fold, double rolling basket, 3-pt.

John Deere 12-shank chisel plow, 3-pt.

(3) John Deere 4600, 5-botom, 18” flip plows, (2) have ext. hitch.

John Deere F-45 4-bottom plow, 3-pt.

Pittsburg 4-bottom plow, 3-pt.

John Deere 5-shank ripper/subsoiler, 3-pt.

John Deere N530C air drill, 30’, 100 bu. seed tank, section control, been used on 1500 acres, SN-AMF790188.

John Deere 1520, 15’ drill, press wheels, 3-pt.

(2) Ferguson 4-row till-o-vators, 3-pt., (1) w/JD planters & microband & gandy boxes.

Ferguson 4-row till-o-vator w/Cole 4-row planter, 3-pt.

Cole 4-twin row planter on 2 ¼ x 2 ¼ tool bar (parts).



New Crouch stainless steel fertilizer spreader, single acle, 16” chain, dual spinner, hydraulic driven, pull type.

12,000 gal. aluminum nitrogen tank, electric nitrogen pump.

1400 gal. stainless steel nurse tank on tandem axle carrier, new Honda motor, pin hitch.

(6) Stainless steel nurse tanks on skids, (5) 1400 gal., (1) 1000 gal.

Reddick 200 gal. saddle tanks, universal mounts.

2500 moisture tester, new in 2022.

(2) Long 12,000 bu. grain bins w/8” unloading augers.

(2) Unico 7000 bu. grain bins w/8” unloading augers.

All bins have heavy duty, easy to clean out rice floors.

(4) Hutchinson 10”, 45° unloading heads, 1 ph, 10 hp.

(4) Westfield 80-56 grain augers, (2) 540 pto, (2) 10 hp electric.

(6) Hopper bottom feed tanks, (3) 10-ton capacity.

(2) Long double transit dryers.

GSI 1800 bu. wet tank..

Westfield 80-36 auger 10 hp electric motor.

Westfield 80-41 auger, 10 hp electric motor, set up to supply wet tank

GSI 1114 grain dryer, 1 ph.

John Deere 400 feed mill, loading auger w/scales, 540 pto.



John Deere 709 rotary cutter, 540 pto, 7’, 3=pt.

Alamo long arm mower, w/mounts for JD 4620, 1000 pto.

Ferguson offset ditcher, 1000 pto, 3-pt.

Alamo head, hydraulic driven, 4-bldes, good n limbs.

(2) Ford dirt scoop, 3-pt.

3-pt. lift, heavy duty, have been used to dump peanut trailers.

Hawhass The Sidearm  hydraulic fold row markers, mounts for 30’ drill, brand new.

Miller Bobcat 250 welder/generator, 10,000-watt generator, 100 hrs., Onan engine, mounted on single axle trailer w/torch outfit, 2” ball.

Ingersoll Rand air compressor w/Kohlar 12.5 engine, w/hose reel.

(2) 100 gal. fuel tanks w/110 pumps.

Chev. 235, 6-cyl. engine, overhauled.

Several pallet JD hyd. & motor oil.

(2) 55 gal. drums DEF

JD belts  -every belt of JD 780 combine, new.

100 gal. fuel tank w/battery operated pump.

Emglo air compressor w/Honda engine w/torch outfit.

JD Tech manuals.

Grain moisture testers.

Tire bead breaker.

(2) Roundup shuttles w/battery operated pump.

JD front suitcase weight, thick.

(4) JD rear wheel weights.

JD Cat III quick hitch.

JD 20 series weight bracket.

JD slab weight.

Braided nylon tow rope, approx. 2”, several 100 ft.  (This is kind that ships are tied to the dock.  If it doesn’t hold to pull -U-out, maybe -U- should not have driven in the spot)


Auctioneer’s Note:  Milton Dunn is downsizing his farming operation – selling (6) tractors, (10) trucks & (23) peanut trailers & other misc. equipment.  He has been on the farm since 1963.


For More info call Milton Dunn 804-691-3400 day light hrs.



IH 766

IH 1066

IH 2000 front end loader – buyer will remove from IH 1066.

John Deere 6600 combine.

John Deere 4-row corn head.

Long irrigation traveler, 850’ 4 ½” hard hose, Honda rewind engine, on 4-wheel carrier.

John Deere 6-cyl. diesel w/Berkley B3JOBMP, 171 hrs. on  rebuilt engine, radiator, oil pump, new Murphy switch system.

’95 Timpte Super 42' hopper bottom grain trail,66" sides,  new top 3 yrs. ago, good rubber, 24.5 steel Budds, good trailer.

’87 Ford F600 w/box truck w/lift gate.

’74 IH 10-wheel truck, 20’ grain truck.

16’ x 76 flatbed utility trailer, tandem axle, ball hitch, w/1’ rail, lift up/down rear gate.

Approx. 690’, 6” irrigation pipe, twist lock.

Approx. 950’, 5”Wade Rain irrigation pipe, 30’ sections.

Approx. 800’, 4” Wade Rain irrigation pipe, 20’ sections.

Approx. 120’ 6”ring lock pipe, 20’ sections.

T’s, cutoffs, plugs, elbows conversions from ring lock to twist lock.

Wade Rain 100 stationary guns.

Pipe wagon.

Pipe trailer.

Case IH 5-bottom, 16” flip plow on land.

Holt peanut elevator.

Ferguson 4-row peanut digger w/coulters in front of digger.

Tobacco baler.

KMC 4-row strip till ripper

(4) Case Early Rise planters mounted on planter bar (wildlife & environmental special).

KMC 4-row ripper bedder w/bed shaper.

Reddick 300 gal. sprayer, 12-row, 36” booms, pull type (needs work)


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