17th Annual Commercial Female & Bull Sale

Fall & Winter calving, Bred Heifers, Cow/Calf pairs, Proven Matrons coming w/6th calf

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Began: 11/10/18 at 10:00 AM EST
Location: 4200 CANNADY’S MILL RD., OXFORD, NC 27565




Directions:  From I-85, take Exit 204, go south on Hwy. 96 for 1.1 mile, turn left on Fairport Rd, go 2.4 mile, right on Cannady Mill Rd., sale ¼ mile on left @ Granville County Livestock Arena.  Also from jct. of Hwy. 96 & 56 @ Wilton, take Hwy.96 north 2 miles, turn right on Cannady Mill Rd., arena approx. 6 miles on right.  Watch for auction arrows leading way to sale.

(20) 1st calf heifers  with calf @ side – Angus, BWF, Simmental X –these heifers were exposed to a Springfield Angus & Wakelon Angus calving ease Angus bulls, medium to large frame cattle, short hair, easy going, at press time there were (16) calves on ground that are might spiffy.

(69)  Bred Heifers  -Angus based heifers,  bred to calving ease Angus bulls & Angus X bulls,  These heifers will calve @ 2-years of age with largest percentage of these heifers being Black, BWF & a few Smokes, & Red, frame size 5 ¾ , weigh approx. 1200#.  All of these heifers are out of proven producers & have EID buttons, most of these should start calving week after sale with some calving winter & early spring, sold with a guarantee to have a live calf.  The criteria for E. B. & Shane keeping heifers back as we keep most of the colored heifers – we can bred them to black bull & get black calves.

(2) 2-year old commercial bulls – Angus & SimAngus raised on grass

Note:  these heifers & bulls were selected from 550 head+ group, the sibling  mates of heifers have performed excellent @ the feedyard with big percentage going into CAB & grading Choice or better.

PROVEN Jr. MATRONS coming w/6th calf– Selling (46) head of proven jr. matrons  .  This is our entire herd of cows that are ‘11  year models, due to calve November & December (some may have calf sale day), M & L frame cattle, average weight 1450# & have produced a calf every year in the same time frame consist of (14) SimAngus, (1) Balancer (9) Angus, (4) Angus Senepol X, (5) Angus Ear X (9) Profit or Prestige – the highest percentage body weight weaned for percentage of cow weight that we own,  (5)   Registered Angus.   All have excellent udders, good feet, lots of depth & spring in the rib to handle forages, & have a good disposition, cows sold with a guarantee to have a live calf, all have EID buttons. 


All cattle on annual vaccination Pyramid 5 program, all mature cattle will have EID buttons.


KEEP ‘EM KIND – E. B. will again offer the KEEP ‘EM KIND option on his cattle.  At buyer’s option, E. B. will offer to purchase first offspring of his cattle at this sale – steers will carry a $25.00 premium and heifers will carry a $50.00 premium above weekly livestock market average.  Calves need to be weaned between six to nine months of age & follow a program similar to Southeast Pride Blue Tag requirements.  Listen carefully sale day– E.B. could annuity up some more.


Owner’s Note:  Welcome to our 17th   Annual Sale!It again gives us great pleasureto be able to offer cattle that have proven themselves time after time to be good producers & we feel that they will continue to do the same for the new owners.  We are using what we think are the best genetics available to produce cattle that will prove maximum performance in cold weather & also perform in the hot humidity in the summer.   Please give us a call if you have any questions. We look forward to serving all our returning customers and earning the business of our new customers too.   If there is anything we can do to make your experience better, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We’re grateful for this chanceto earn your business. 

(2) young mammoth jacks, approx. 4 ½ months old, they will mature into big boys, all of these born & raised on our farm w/cattle  .




Sale Site Phone   252-430-9595 or 919-497-7990


SALE ORDER AVAILABLE SALE DAY – can also be viewed on website Friday night.

Truckers – Reliable truckers will be available to assist purchasers with their cattle. 


Busy & not able to attend sale?   We have purchased many females & bulls for customers sight-unseen & got some for the less than amount left with 100% satisfaction.   Contact us before sale day & we will work together to find the best option for you.  At the end of the day, we are only happy when you are.


Cattle Sell With A Guarantee That Buyer Will Like



Payment in full day of sale – Cash or check.

Directions:  From I-85, take Exit 204, go south on Hwy. 96 for 1.1 mile, turn left on Fairport Rd., go 2.4 miles, right on Cannady  Mill Rd., sale ¼ mile on left @ Granville County Livestock Arena.  Also from jct. of Hwy. 96 & 56 @ Wilton, take Hwy. 96 north 2 miles, turn right on Cannady Mills Rd., arena approx. 6 miles on right.  Watch for cattle auction arrows leading way to sale.


Sale Site Address:  4200 Cannady Mill Road – Oxford, NC  27565 

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Click on any image to view larger.

Got  -U- covered both ways. A sample of the (20) that may have new baby sale day We will sell the calf & the mama goes with it Here's proof -U- can turn them black or get themred I'll raise you a whopping calf  P & P cow
Just close your eyes & bid - calf is what -U- sell A colorful lady right here. SimAngus puts a super grow n your calves Angus bulls do it all Cow on left is just cleaning up for the sale
Good body condition Smoke cows raise some scale stomping calves If -U- got it just as well flaunt it. 1/2 Angus 1/2 Hereford - Volume is what counts on these bred heifers
These made the grade. Milk machine getting ready to work for new baby Sells as lot 120 & a full warranty When it's said & done we still sell the calves by# Grass & cattle compliment each other on the farm
No price too high for which you receive full value Works in the southeast = short hair can stand heat Proceeds will support farmers effected by Hurricane Take good care of your cattle, they will take care of U Dr. Sam grades the papers - only A's go to sale.

E. B. Harris Inc. Auctioneers


3200 NC Hwy. 58 WARRENTON, NC 27589

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